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When trying to get a forecast the best way is to check the North or South Pacific animation (North for N. swells, etc) to see the storm size and power. Then, to know more exactly when it will hit our coasts go to the CLOSE UP VERSION, so you can see more closely the head wave fronts arriving to a singular area. Check each spot in our wave map explanation/description on home page for Ecuador mainland or Galapagos Is. for best swell direction, etc. And to correlate all this you can also check (best for local spots & free!) and /or BuoyWeather or Wavewatch links below.

Excellent free forecast BEST SO FAR!



From Scripps Institute CLOSE UP to CEP areas 120 hours (5 DAYS) prediction of area (central eastern pacific CLOSE UP) with animation, be patient is worth the waiting to download animation.

North Pacific Animation storm outlook
Best to look north storm formation

South Pacific animation storm outlook
Best for South swells predictions


Accu Weather for Guayaquil city

Accu Weather for Playas

Accu Weather for Salinas

Accu Weather for Montañita

Accu Weather for San Mateo

Accu Weather for Mompiche

South American satellite

Oleaje Norte


Surfboarding Ecuador




Liz Clark and The Voyage of

Surfing and sailing alone around the world.
Check this incredible adventure story
and help Lizzie and Swell" if you can


A great site about Mexpipe, Puerto Escondido, Playa Zicatela and more.
Updated photography of breaks almost every day by Lonnie Caruthers ex Nascar pilot.

Non profit Org helping poor kids in surfing areas to start surfing as motivation for schooling. Great idea!

Balsa longboards and guns the best balsa in the world
and the best craftmanship and prices. Check this out!

Great photography website by


Great Surf Clothing from Puerto Escondido beach

Good info for traveling surfers

"D" site for real progressive design in surfboards that flow. Great site with great flicks & design ideas. Check it out.


Guerrant Photography
Great photography work by Jac Guerrant a world traveler. Also great webworks!.

Psych Surf Oldham
check this site for a real progressive surfboard construction & design by Jarrod Oldham. Worth it!

Free online Mag with great shots and articles etc

Birdwatching & Traveling Information for Galapagos and Ecuador


Hotel Casa Blanca
Hacienda Tranquila
Cabañas Pimampiro

Yacht charter partners with Galapagosurf.
Check this site if you want to do a cruise around the island.

The official tourism site of Ecuador. Very good site now with much information
A very good site to know the main wildlife events and weather happenings in the Galapagos.
Hostal Kundalini
Peace and energy at the beach.
Probably the best by the beach & close to the point in Montañita.

Excellent lodging at Ayampe


Very good, affordable & comfortable rooms in Montañita.

Retire in Ecuador

This is probably the best info Blog on mainland Ecuador.
Must be checked out if planning to come to spend time in our land, First hand experience from an Australian couple living in Ecuador and telling it like it is.

Kapawai Ecolodge & Reserve
Awarded Lodging at the Amazon

"San Agustin del Callo" a great place to be
right by Cotopaxi Volcano made out of Inca Ruins.
Recomended visit at Andes

Great, fantastic place to relax, watch nature, rest, in the warm waters of this termas (A must to visit and stay if you are close by Quito)

Great knowledgable people to take you birdwatching all over Ecuador

Great place also a must of around area to really see Andes as it should be done. Great people!


One of the best places to see
the Amazon


Tropical expeditions in Panama

A great and detailed site for information for the independent traveler. Great site! a must if planning to come here.


Probably best book ever written on Amazon people. A must for real indigenous culture readers! Author John Perkins

Great Book on
Ecuador´s recipes by
ecuadorian photographer/traveler Cesar Franco

The best Road Guide

Great guide for traveling
independently to Galapagos


Vive Ecuador

If you want to know about Guayaquil City, this is "the site".


Galapagos , Ecuador & Other good Foundations

Fundación Ecuatoriana para el
estudio de Mamífero
s Marinos

Real actions to real problems

Worldwatch Institute
the best eco-logical state of the world information source


Historical Park of Guayaquil City

Maquipucuna Reserve and Lodge
Discover the Wonders of the Cloud Forest!

Charles Darwin's Diary of the Voyage of H.M.S. “Beagle”


Bosque protector Cerro Blanco

"Fundacion Pro-Pueblo"